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“This has been a great experience...”

“Thanks again Jeff for all you’ve done to help us out on the completion of the film.  This has been a great experience for me and so much of that is due to my good fortune of having the chance to work with you.”

Norman Stolzoff, Ph.D.


Elephant Mountain Productions

“I love what you guys do.”

“I love what you guys do.  It’s so easy to work with you and the exposure is great!”

Tracy Anderson

Clear Channel Entertainment

“This video is beautiful thanks to you!”

“This video is beautiful thanks to you!  All of your expertise, talent and attention to detail is all bundled up in this piece.  I really want to show this to the world!”

Bev Hauptli.

Writer / Producer

“I was so impressed with the video...”

“I was so impressed with the video for Whatcom Center for Early Learning.  It was excellent.  You deserve high praise for your creative filming and editing.”

Kathy Conlan Phillips

Writer / Producer

“We are very pleased with the results.”

“I just wanted to thank you for your excellent camera work and editing on our Raspberry Harvester video.  We are very pleased with the results.  Your efforts contributed greatly to it’s success.”

Jim W. Smith

Marketing Manager

Korvan Industries

“...beautifully shot, edited and scripted.”

“This is a wonderful piece of work.  It is beautifully shot, edited and scripted.  You have enabled the Josephine Elder Care providers as well as those receiving the services to really reach through the lens directly into the hearts of the viewers.  The total effect is inspirational.  You’ve knocked this one over the fence!”

Dave Reid

President and General Manager


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